Set in a farmyard – 13th Century. Windows attributed to William Morris

altars 1 020

possibly Norman

altars 1 019

This lovely little church underwent extensive restoration in the early 1800s, and was reopened with much ceremony in November 1863. Earl Somers provided much of the finance for the work, although the Rev. John Hopton of Canon Frome Court also helped out by paying for the renovation of the interior and exterior walls.

A couple of names here for family researchers –

In May 1847 a lad by the name of James Jones had been employed by a local hop farmer, Mr. Grice, to watch over the horses grazing near the hop bines and to make sure that they didn’t get too close and damage the growing bines. They all had halters on, but it seems that James perhaps had trouble with one particular horse, and he threaded a second halter through the one on it’s head, then tied the free end in a loop around his wrist. Not a spectacularly clever thing to do, and the poor lad paid with his life when the horse took off at speed for home, jumping walls and hedges on the way whilst dragging James alongside him.

In 1863, Thomas Buffin, employed by Mr. Daniel Pope as a labourer, was picking applies from a tree when he fell and broke his back. He died at home some days later.