For information on the Workhouse at Abbey Dore see Workhouses in Herefordshire

This church, situated in the glorious Golden Valley was originally a Cistercian Monastery, run by monks who were able to partly fund the upkeep of the building by selling fine wool from their Dore sheep.  In 1536 the Abbey was abandoned, and although it was bought by John Scudamore who had pots of money, it was neglected until the mid 1700s when John’s descendant, another John, set about restoring the building as a parish church.   After much work, the church was re-consecrated in 1634, and then had more major repairs towards the end of the 19th century.

snippet from the Hereford Journal in July 1861 taken from the Abbey Dore Petty Sessions:

“Charles Sullis, apprehended on a charge of obscenely exposing his person by running naked along the high road for a wager in the parish of Kentchurch on 18th June last.  The defendant was discharged, the witnesses, from the rapidity with which he ran,  and the absence of clothes,  being unable to swear positively to his identity.