Welcome to Herefordshire Churches, which is not a religious site as such, but is primarily for family researchers looking for that important image of a church to illustrate where their ancestors were christened/married/buried, and also for information on other aspects of  historical Herefordshire.  There is still some work to be done on photographing the churches and one of these days I will finish it, however I hope that it is not just genealogists who will  enjoy browsing through the site, but also anyone who stumbles on here by mistake!

Ledbury, Church Street

Ledbury, Church Street

I started this project after many years of doing my own family tree, when I struggled to find   images of churches and fonts – not to mention memorial plaques –  to add to my write up along with reliable information on the relevant area – I hope that those looking for church images in Herefordshire will be pleased with what they find here – it has to be said that on many occasions I found it extremely difficult to find a good position from which to take the photos;  in some cases massive yew trees obscured the churches from every conceivable angle, and in others the church grounds were not wide enough to enable a good view. Very frustrating!  Sometimes I found myself low down on an adjacent lane, but this then gave a distorted image of the church and the only other option was, for example, a field with a large bull in it!…….please bear the problems in mind before grumping about the images of some churches!


St. Mary the Virgin - Humber

St. Mary the Virgin – Humber

Special Interest in Herefordshire Churches



It may be that your interest is in the Knights Templars, in which case the church of St. Michael at Garway is worth a look…..it is one of the six churches in England attributable to the Knights Templars.  On request, I will happily provide further information on the history of this charming and interesting Herefordshire church.  There is also a stone effigy of a 7 foot male wearing the habit of a Knight Templar dating from the 13th century in the church of St. Mary The Virgin – Bishops Frome.

One of the few churches to escape the Reformation was at Huntington, and if your interest  includes the history of Thomas A Becket, (and one of his murderers – Richard le Bret) then this one is for you, or perhaps you are fascinated by fonts in which case take a look through some of the wonderful old ones featured here, in particular the one at Madley Church, which is one of the largest in the country and is reputed to be around 1000 years old.

Separate Bell Towers in Herefordshire

Kington's separate bell tower

Kington’s separate bell tower

Herefordshire boasts seven  of only forty  churches in England and Wales with a separate bell tower.  These include St. Michael & All Angels -Ledbury;   St. Leonards – Yarpole;   St. Bartholomew – Richards CastleSt. Mary’s – PembridgeHoly Trinity – BosburySt. Mary’s – KingtonSt. Michael – Garway

Watercolours of Herefordshire Churches

Original watercolour paintings of selected Herefordshire churches are being added  and  are available for purchase.

Eastnor 008



As a new feature for the site, I am including some brief outlines of the lives and importance of historically famous sons and daughters of Herefordshire. The first to be completed is JOHN MASEFIELD, Poet Laureate who was born in Ledbury. Click here to read more:   Famous People from Herefordshire.   Now added – TOM SPRING,, bare knuckle fighting champion.   THE MORTIMERS of Wigmore.  JOHN KEMBLE, Martyr. Sir JOHN OLDCASTLE.


OCCUPATIONS in nineteenth century Herefordshire - take a look here where there are also snippets of news items and bankrupts.

Herefordshire Workhouses

This section contains images of many of the workhouses in Herefordshire, with more due to be added before too long, as well as some lists of inmates and the staff who ran the workhouses.  check out  workhouses in Herefordshire

Herefordshire Gaols

Some fascinating facts here, and you never know, you might find an ancestor lurking on this page!

Herefordshire Castles

An ongoing project – click here to have a look.

Herefordshire Manor Houses, Courts and Halls – a new feature of the site, which so far includes Berrington Hall, Burton Court, Upper Hall, Brockhampton Court and Canon Frome Court,  can be found here.

The churches in Herefordshire are almost without exception in beautiful and often remote surroundings, and many are extremely old with fascinating histories.  If you would like some “padding” for a particular Herefordshire church in your family history, then please send an email and I will do my best to oblige.   Also, if you have any interesting stories of your Herefordshire ancestors and are willing to share them, I would be delighted to hear from you.

View from Hereford Cathedral Tower

View from Hereford Cathedral Tower

This site is completely free and you are welcome to copy as many photographs as you wish for your personal use.    Any comments would be appreciated.